Mobile mapping

Compact system to create high-quality cycloramas

FIS’s Mobile Mapper is a product developed by FIS itself. This camera unit with GNNS receiver will give you high-quality 30MP 360⁰ photos and will on average produce 10,000 to 15,000 images per day.

Precise positioning

High-resolution camera

Compact system

  • 30MP spherical digital video camera system with 6 integrated cameras
  • inertial navigation system (including a GNNS receiver and RTK),
    resulting in exceptionally precise positioning (<10 cm) and course stability.
  • Mobile Mapper recording and processing software
  • CAN bus interface for measurements of distance travelled
  • LTE cellular routes (not including SIM card)
  • cables
  • PC with touchscreen, including a holder
  • overvoltage protection kit
  • converter 12v into 230v
  • flight case can be moved by using a PIN code
  • comes with a system that allows it to be installed on the roof of a vehicle

Optional: fiseye viewer

The various components are compact and robust. They can be installed on the roof of a car in a jiffy.