HIB 360º

The certainty of always having the right data

Halte in Beeld (‘Eyes on the Bus Stop’) (HIB 360º) is the most complete software package for the Dutch public transport market. It can be used by public transport authorities, road authorities and public transport companies.

By using HIB 360º, you will always be sure that your information about your bus stops is correct and up to date. 

FIS takes photos of all bus stops (every other metre), inspects them and provides access to the information in HIB 360º. We will ensure that your data is kept up to date, for a set daily fee. If you tell us which bus stops have undergone changes, we will go there and take photos, inspect them and incorporate the data into HIB 360º, and thus into the nation-wide Centralised Bus Stop Dossier (CHB).

You will have fully reliable data, and you won’t have to depend on anyone else!

HIB 360º is a complete and unique package that does the following:

          • visualises and shows all CHB data
          • input, revision and maintenance of CHB data by FIS
          • direct link to CHB for daily updates
          • with precise geographical X-Y positioning
          • management files on numbers and types of bus stops, their accessibility, etc.
          • no on-site inspections needed due to 360º photos and measurement features
          • also provides access to public transport data