FIS goes above and beyond!

We design, maintain and produce public transport information carriers.

FIS’s employees are highly knowledgeable when it comes to public transport –– which is to say, they are true specialists. They understand the kind of problems public transport companies deal with, and how quickly new timetables must be drawn up. Their workdays don’t end until all the work is done.

They are personally involved and always check and double-check if everything has been done correctly. FIS’s motto is not ‘when you ask us to do something, we’ll go ahead and do it’.
Rather, it is ‘when you ask us to do something, we’ll check whether everything is correct, and THEN we’ll go ahead and do it’! In this way, we ensure that your data are correct, that we stay within budget and that all jobs are completed when due.


We design useful and easily accessed information for passengers


We maintain, check and rectify information
on bus stops